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MMCC Bookstore makes it easy to find the exact textbooks you need for every class. For each class, simply select the Term, Department, Course and Section to see a list of the required and optional texts and materials as specified by your instructor.

Be aware that this site will be updated frequently as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from vendors. The information that is contained on this site is correct as we know it as of this date. Changes, modifications and additions to course number, section, price or ISBN may be made at any time up to and including the first weeks of the semester for which this information has been provided. Changes may result from faculty changes, new book editions, publisher upgrades, or class cancellations. The information (ISBN numbers and required status) provided is not meant as a guarantee for purchases made other than at the Bookstore. Any purchases made with other vendors which were based on this site's information are made at the purchaser's risk.

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